1.55X Anamoraphic Lens

1.55X Anamorphic Lens

Cinematic phone photography

1.55X Anamorphic Lens

Start the mobile journey and Record your life in a cinematic way.

Create Your own Cinematic Moment

Transform your mobile footage into something that looks like a movie, with widescreen ratio and real anamorphic lens flare for added emotion.

Made your camera to be a cinematographer.

Cinemascope in your pocket - shoot everyday subjects on-the-go with a dreamy focus and surreal perspective.

Cinematic Widescreen Ratio Shot on Mobile

True cinematic widescreen ratio - transform your mobile footage into cinematic content with a 21:9 widescreen ratio.

Fantastic blue light effect

Moody anamorphic lens flares - add cinematic blue flare to your mobile footage to enhance the viewing experience.

Uniquely Suited for Filmmaking

2.76:1 ultra wide aspect ratio

Anamorphic lens flare

Broad field-of-view

Balanced proportions


What They Said

"I met Fotorgear team since 2018, they made the best light painting gear. After testing, the Fotorgear Lens is also worth to recommend." - Herry

"Everyone should take a shot with a Fotorgear Lens, or you just missing so many." - Jamie P

"Fotorgear Lens is the best choice under $100 budget " - Darreck


  • Magnification: 1.15x
  • Angle: 120 Degrees
  • AR Coating: Multilayer
  • Deformation: -37%
  • Min Focus Distance: 20-25mm
  • Mount: M17 Screw Mount
  • Material: Cinematic Hand-crafted Glass, Aluminium
  • Netweight: 45g
  • Dameter: 33mm
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What's in Box?

1x 60mm Telephoto ProLens

1x Magnetic Lens Cap

1x Universal Lens Mount

1x Microfiber Lens Pouch

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