Magilight Light Painting Stick
Items included : 1*Magilight 1*Premium Travel Bag 1*Micro-SD Card 2*Battery 1*Charger We will offers over 200+ preset image in the Micro-SD Card, so you will able to enjoy the fun of light when you received it immediatly.  You can find a...
Roller for Magilight
The Roller is an add-on to assist in drawing circular patterns with Magilight. With Roller, no matter you are a professional photographer or a beginner, can paint perfect circular images like earth and emoji face with ease. Operating Manual: Install Roller on...
$99.00 $59.00
Magilight Light Painting Stick & Mini Stick
Items included : 1*Magilight 1*Premium Travel Bag 1*Micro-SD Card 2*Battery 1*Charger 1*Mini stick The Mini Stick is a smaller stick with 43 LED bulbs in it, specialized to create light trails and paint freely. You can freely switch between these 2...
$498.00 $365.00
Magilight Master Bundle
VAT-Free service will be provided for orders from these countries The area covered by the duty-free service, including orders from Austria/Belgium/Bulgaria/Czech/Croatia/Denmark/Estonia/Finland/France/Germany/Greece/Hungary/Ireland/Italy/Latvia/Lithuania/Luxemburg/Poland/Portugal/Romania/Slovakia/Slovenia/Spain/Sweden/The Netherlands.Shipping time 4-12 days.All item in stock./ This bundle will include EVERYTHING option with Magilight, and you will have ALL type of...
RGB Pocket Light
Fotorgear RGB Pocket Light is a portable RGB video light in pocket-size, which is easy to control with the 2-buttons design. With this item, you can film with changeable lighting effect easily. 158 Super Bright LEDs 14W Power Bi-Color RGB-Color...
Lithub Bundle 2*2 with Controller
Items included : Controller *1 Lithub *1 Fiber *2 Shape *2 Cable *1 Screw *2 Battery *2 Charger *1 SD card *1 Both colors of fiber are included in, and You can choose 2 shapes as you like.  
Magilight Mini LED Stick
To fit all kinds of needs, and thanks to the feedback of different light painting artists, we have created the Mini LED Bar accessory. It is a smaller stick with 43 LED bulbs, specialized to create light trails and paint...
$99.00 $69.00
Full Add-ons Bundle
 Items included :  1* Mini LED Stick  1* Roller 1* Lithub  2*Fiber 6*Shape  2*Cable It needs to be use with Magilight, If you don’t have one then you can order  the [ magilight-light-painting-stick ], that will include a Magilight’s controller in your order.
$409.00 $299.00
RGB Tube light
$99.00 from $69.30
RGB Tube light
This model of Tube light is a portable lighting equipment for both videography and photography. By using the easy control design, there is a LCD screen and a 4 button keyboard on it. There are 3 modes in the program,...
$99.00 from $69.30
Lithub Bundle 2*2
Items included : Lithub *1 Fiber *2 Blade *2 Cable *1 Screw *2   Both colors of fiber are included in, You can choose 2 blades as you like. Lithub needs to be used with Magilight, If you don’t have one...
$195.00 $149.00
Blade or Fiber
$39.00 from $29.00
Blade or Fiber
Fotorgear offers 6 blades and 2 fibers for choice, and the effect has some slight differences between them. If you order a Lithub separately, it will be equipped with a storage bag, 2 connecting wires and 2 blue screws. Please note the lithub will...
$39.00 from $29.00
Li-Battery Charger
Li-Battery Charger
The Controller of Magilight
This item will include: Controller *1  Micro SD card  *1 Blue screw  *2 Manual  *1 Battery/Charger/bag/ LED light stick are not included, to better use this item, please make sure you had ordered the battery as well. The controller is going with...
$210.00 $160.00
Lithub Bundle 2*6
This item included: 1* Lithub 2* Fiber (1 black & 1 white) 6* Blade (6 all shapes) 2* Cable  2* screws The controller is not included in this item.
$268.00 $199.00
Magilight with Mini stick & Lithub Bundle 2*2
Items included : Magilight  *1 Mini stick  *1 Lithub       *1 Fiber         *2 Blade        *2 Cable        *1 Screws      *2 A controller can be used with multiple products, such...
$527.00 $499.00
Lithub 2+6 Bundle with controller
This item included: Controller *1 Lithub *1 Fiber *2 Blade *6 Cable * Battery *2 Charger *1 Micro SD card *1
$451.00 $399.00
26350 Li-ion battery
Item included: battery *2 Battery model:26350   *Charger/battery cover are not included.   Noted: According to the shipping policy of Logistics Service Provider, pure battery products alone cannot use international express service; It is recommended to purchase BATTERY with the controller.  
Lens for DJI Mavic 3
The external lens is precisely matched with Hasselblad camera, adopts snap-on installation, solide and safe, ensure the whole filight without the risk of falling 108° Wide Angle Lens The wide-angle lens is able to increase the FOV of the wide-angle camera...
from $69.90
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