Manual control, realtime photo filter, time lapse, light trail ,motion blur ...
Your phone can be more powerful than ever.

For Better Photos

We design FotorGear Cam to make you better use your mobile phone to shoot unlimited creativity. From now on, you no longer need to bring a bulky camera, no need to set parameters tediously, all you need is to use FotorGear Cam to achieve all of this, real-time photo filters, manual Control, time-lapse photography, motion blur mode, light painting and more... all you want is FotorGear Cam.

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MANUAL control

Easy to control everything. Shutter Speed, ISO, focus, white balance. tint and more..


Apply photo filters in realtime. Portrait, Film, Cinematic, BW, Landscape mode included.

Take Raw Files

Take photos with RAW format, Preserve more image details.

Peak focus

More precise focus with Peak Focus.


Make your every photo exposure perfectly.


Keep it strength and make the composition more rigorous.

Powerful Time lapse

Smart control time lapse parameter, powerful & Efficient. Record the world in time lapse mode.

Motion Blur

Shoot long exposure effects in daytime, Blur water, cloud and everything.

Light Trail

Record light trails, Enjoy the magic of light painting.

Photo Editor

Adjust Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Shadow, Highlights, Sharp ... to make photos more perfect.

For Better Videos

The mobile phone in your hand is more powerful than you think, still using it to shoot mediocre videos? Try FotorGear Cam, real-time filters, 4K 60P, cinematic video stabilization, flat log color and more. Your phone is a professional camera in your pocket!

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Cinematic video control

Record up to 4K 60fps videos. Meet the high qulity video world.

Realtime Video Filter

Apply photo filters in realtime. Portrait, Film, Cinematic, BW, Landscape mode included.

Anamorphic lens support

Attach anamorphic lens, Make your phone looks more like a video camera.

Aspect ratio

Include 1:1 / 16:9 / 2.35:1 / 2.76:1 (ANAMORPHIC LENS required).

Audio level

Record videos with high qulity audios.

Video stabilization

With cinematic video stabilization,make your video more stable just with your hands.

Professional log color

Improve video tolerance and make color grading more easier

Pro Photo Filters

What you see is what you got.

Powerful Timelapse

Record the passage of time.

Motion Blur

Take longexposure effects in daytime!

Light trail

Record light trail on your phone in realtime!

More Gear


lens / phone case / dof adapter / lights & more

FotorGear Cam by Fotorgear

Life is beautiful, make it simple, take your phone and use FotorGear Cam to record your travels, your smiles and the best moments in your life.

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