Fotorgear Magilight: Capture the Moment for Eternity

Fotorgear Magilight: Capture the Moment for Eternity

I’m blessed to be a photographer; it is indeed a genuinely worthwhile profession; photography allows me to capture every moment, the beautiful and magical moment for eternity. Light painting photography is one of my favorite forms; it makes me feel like an artist. Light painting photography has inspired me to appreciate every little thing in life, more importantly, it makes me come to realize that I can’t thrive in a world without darkness, as stars can't shine without darkness.

How to do light painting photography

Once upon a time, it is impossible to capture the light, since there is nothing on earth can travel faster than light. Thanks to the invention of light painting photography, the impossible dream has become a reality. So what exactly is light painting photography? Well, to put it in simple words, light painting is a technique used in long exposure photography where you light up parts of your scene with a light source, and then create some striking pattern.

Light painting is an exciting technical challenge, capturing a stunning light painting photograph takes much experience and expertise. Without the right equipment, creative ideas, proper technique, and the right timing, one can never create an incredible light painting. Luckily, with the help of Magilight, the most advanced all in one light painting stick, everyone can create light painting images as easy as pie.

How to create light painting photography

Light painting photography is not that difficult to create as long as you learn one step at a time. Today, I’m going to share with you some tips and tricks for the light painting photography; once you’ve mastered the technique, you will experience the genuine fun of light painting.

Light painting is a creative technique where photographers use camera flashes, flashlights, and spotlights to paint light in a scene. Light painting photography is known as the most interesting form of photography, it attracts both professional and amateur photographers. Good things take time, to make a masterpiece, you must master some basic techniques. Below are some handy tips to consider when you want to create a wonderful light painting.

  1. Try Magilight light painting stick

You must have told that don’t ever try painting everything using the same light source. This is true if you don’t have a versatile led light painting stick. However, if you are using Magilight, a multi-functional painting stick, then this is more than enough.

  1.  Carefully paint with the light stick

It is important to aware that long exposures create more noise than short exposures, so you should take the pictures in the right timing, and pay attention to the small detail to ensure the quality of the light painting photography.

  1. Try more than one shot

Try again and again! Never stop trying in light painting photography. In order to create the best photos, you need to take multiple shots, as many as possible.

  1. Apply the techniques for night photography

Just because you are light painting shouldn’t mean you should neglect the night photography principles. You should apply those techniques for night painting photography, including cable release, noise reduction among others to ensure you get the best result.

Remember these Tricks

I’ve heard people saying that they stop creating light painting photography as they hit the plateau! But you know what, there are no limits but only plateaus, what we need to do is keep going and make a breakthrough! So give yourself an even bigger goal and smash it. Going ‘wild’ and try different locations can help you sustain your interest in light painting photography; I’m going to offer you a few tips and steps to help you do better in light painting photography.

Step 1: Hatch a Plan Ahead

Analyzing the conditions of nature, as you know the weather is unpredictable, check the weather before you go out for a moonlit shoot. Next, you need to be well-prepared, all the equipment and gears you need to shoot under different conditions. Despite uncertain conditions, try your best to hatch a clear idea to give a clean approach.

Step 2:  Visualize & Sketch Your Setting

Try to conceptualize the shots you want to take beforehand, especially those taking light painting photograph at an outdoor setting. You may consider sketching the moon, the model, and the light source; by doing this, you will be able to have a better grasp of the picture you are going to take.  You don’t have to be a Picasso to sketch your plan and vision, just briefly sketch out the positions of moon & light painting.

Step 3: Use your Gadgets or Apps

Try to locate the moonrise direction in the area you are going to take shots, then use your Smartphone to show the right angle when you are on the site.  You can find many free apps in the app stores; they can help you track the moon/sun amongst other natural occurrences.

Be Flexible and Determined

As we all know that we have no control over the natural and the environment, thus, you have to be ready to make a prompt decision when there is the unpredictable weather. Time is a crucial factor in light painting photography; make sure you communicate well with your model before and during the shooting.

Last but not least, doing light painting photography in the wild will give you tons of surprises. Even though you have a comprehensive plan and have prepared every single detail with the proper thought process, still, there will be many unplanned things occur.

I personally prefer using Magilight as the light source instead of torch, candles or Smartphone, Magilight is the easiest and most professional tool to customize your light painting photography; and you can upload and paint your BMP image, not to mention it is more user-friendly, you can learn how to use it within five minutes.