Christmas by Magilight!

Christmas by Magilight!

Happy New Year everyone! Download the BMP image by clicking here – it’s chock full of brand new Christmas bitmaps.


Check out some of the images that we took with those tools, for comparison and let us know which one you like better:

lightpainting-432.jpg lightpainting-428.jpg lightpainting-430.jpg

In many ways, automobiles are the perfect subject for magilight. They’re large and highly reflective, they have windows that allow light to peek through the center of their mass, and they’re covered in scads of interesting little details that highlight well from close or far. It will bring us this rather unique shot with cars, ribbons, spins, and reflections:

lightpainting-445.jpg lightpainting-439.jpglightpainting-442.jpglightpainting-443.jpglightpainting-440.jpg